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Type: Red Dry Wine


Grape Varieties: 100% Sangiovese


Alcohol: 13,50% Vol.


Tasting Notes:

Montesodi 2018 has a beautifully clear and radiant ruby-red colour.

The bouquet is rich with hints of fruits and flowers accompanied by elegant tertiary notes. The floral notes include violet and rosehip, while the fruity ones include berries, strawberries and cherries.

The impressive metallic note of the finish and spiced notes of clove and black pepper are what make Montesodi a unique wine of its kind.

When tasted, the elegance and silky-smooth quality of the tannins on the palate is absolutely incredible.

The finish is long and persistent.



With its schist soils and magnificent south-western exposure, the Montesodi vineyard is located 400 metres above sea level.

After the painstaking work carried out in the Montesodi vineyard, the Sangiovese grapes were hand-harvested with 15 kg crates.

In the cellar, great care was taken when selecting the grapes.

When they arrived, they were carefully checked on the sorting table.

Berry after berry, only the healthiest and most polyphenolically rich grapes were chosen.

The 2018 harvest yielded finely concentrated grapes that were beautifully ripe and had a wonderful freshness.

Fermentation and maceration took place as normal.

Malolactic fermentation took place immediately after racking



15 Months in Austrian & French Oak Barrels


Best Served at 16 - 18 °C



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