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Type: Red Dry Wine


Grape Varieties:  64% Cabernet Sauvignon

                                  26% Cabernet Franc

                                    5% Petit Verdot

                                    5% Merlot


Alcohol: 14,50% Vol.


Tasting Notes:

Mormoreto 2018 boasts alovely, intense and radiant ruby-red colour.

The bouquet is most intriguing, with fruity notes of cranberry, raspberry, fig jam and black cherry.

The spiced notes, including teaand roasted coffee bean, are wonderfully balanced. Its balsamic quality is very striking. It is fresh, complex, persistent balanced and well-rounded on the palate.

The mature, silky-smooth tannins are well integrated.

The acidity is prominent and combines elegantly with the alcohol.



With its sandy soils and south-western exposure, the Mormoreto vineyard is located 300 metres above sealevel.

Grapes from the Mormoreto vineyard were harvested by hand with 15 kg crates. After sorting in the vineyard, the bunches were carefully selected upon arrival in the cellar.

This close attention to detail guaranteed the best possible quality.

The 2018 harvest yielded beautifully ripe grapes with asplendid hint of acidity.

Malolactic fermentation took place immediately after racking.



24 Months in French Oak Barrels


Best Served at 12 - 14 °C.



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