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In the beginning it was very difficult to initiate the Cypriot consumer in the secrets of Wine.


Year after year, however, You and us grew, matured, improved, aged and bonded together in a  relationship that is really beautiful and timeless. 


Our Company, EXES Trading, X S, Xenophon & Sally and the Wine shop under the Trade Name, Cava Protasis, were established in February 1994 and today celebrating 25 years of presence in the Wine events of Cyprus, is the longest surviving Wine Shop not only in Limassol but in Cyprus.


Our Scope, our targets and our vision all these 25 years remain the same, by exploring and discovering the secrets of Wine which we promise will share with you since, "Τhe Good Wine needs Good Company",  as Dionysis Savvopoulos says. 

Today the Lamprou Family continues to own and run the company. Apart from Sally and Xenophon, their son Nikolas also works there and so the tradition of selling wine is passed through the next generations.

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